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 “Winter Baikal” – a Unique Tour Around the Lake Baikal on Ice + Buryat New Year – Sagaalgan

Dates: February 25 – March 5, 2017

Tour guide: Vyacheslav Kiplyuks

Price: $1100

We invite you to an exclusive ice tour “Winter Baikal” across Siberia. During the journey, you will have a unique opportunity to cross Baikal on ice two times down two different roads! The most picturesque and remote areas of the lake are united in one tour!

Apart from this, “Winter Baikal” tour coincides with the celebration of traditional Buryat New Year “Sagaalgan”, which means you will have a chance not only to travel across Baikal, but also to participate in festive events devoteQd to the traditional holiday.

We appreciate comfort in every journey. That is why the tour on ice across Baikal will be organized as comfortable as possible. There will be neither long-distance hiking with heavy backpacks, nor sleeping in tents on snow. You don’t have to carry your backpack – all belongings will be driven in Russian off-road vehicle UAZ, while you will enjoy the most beautiful and important places that can be found in winter Baikal.

The tour can also attract photographers: the program is planned according to apparent solar time so that you have the opportunity to do the best shoots both at daylight and starlight.

The end of February – the beginning of March is the most convenient and safe time for a journey on ice of Baikal. The winds blow off snow and polish the ice. There are no hard frosts in the afternoon anymore, there are much more sunny and bright days, while the ice is still 1-1,5 meters thick and very strong.

Vyacheslav Kiplyuks, the tour guide, is a famous traveler in Siberia, who lives in Buryatia near Baikal and will share with you knowledge about this amazing place

Why to go on “Winter Baikal” Tour?

·       to cross on ice the deepest lake in the world – Baikal!

·       to celebrate traditional Buryat new year “Sagaalgan”;

·       to see and take a photo of the unique transparent Baikal ice. You cannot find it anywhere else on Earth! The ice is so clear that even through one meter thickness you will see fish;

·       to enjoy fantastic flushes of sunrises, sunsets and the glare of stars;

·       to visit the island of Olkhon – the “pearl of Baikal” – the sacral place of shamans;

·       to see the Barguzin valley and Barguzin range – the highest mountain chain around the lake Baikal;

·       to meet lamas and astrologers of Buddhist temples, to ask questions to Buryat shamans;

·       to eat famous omul – a fish endemic to lake Baikal, to drink tea of local herbs, to relax in Russian banya and bathe in healing hot springs.


Phone: +7 (9025) 65-35-91 – Vyacheslav Kiplyuks (Ulan-Ude)

e-mail: kiplyuks (at) gmail.com

Facebook: Vyacheslav Kiplyuks

VKontakte: Vyacheslav Kiplyuks

Instagram: vkiplyuks


Day 1

The first key point of our tour is Ivolginsky Datsan (23 km from Ulan-Ude). Being the residence of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, it keeps the imperishable body of Khambo-lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov.

Accomodation: guest house.

Day 2

Festive celebrations devoted to Sagaalgan, traditional Buryat New Year

A number of events devoted to Sagaalgan are planned in Ulan-Ude on February, 26: festival “Buuzynbayar - Buuza's Holiday” (the eating of traditional Buryat food - Buuzy); “Global ekhor-2017” (the Buryat circular dance – “ekhor” – will be danced by Buryats from all over the world);  traditional national games and entertainments. 

Accomodation: guest house.

Day 3

Departure to Ust-Barguzin settlement located on the shore of lake Baikal at the mouth of the Barguzin river (270 km of Ulan-Ude) . Several hours of fascinating snow road and we arrive to the ice kingdom of Baikal. Ice hummocks, caves, fancy bends of the transparent Baikal water. Mind-blowing beauty. We will make stops on our way, admire the winter nature, take photos. In the evening after shootings of sunset we return to Ust-Barguzin, have rest, go to Russian banya.

Accomodation: guest house.

Day 4

The most memorable transfer to the Olkhon island through the Barguzin gulf on the ice of Baikal. We drive and walk, make stops in the most beautiful places. We will be surrounded by the ice caves sparkling in thousands of ice diamonds, ice hummocks of bizzare shape in a boundless unruffled surface of ice. We walk, take photos, enjoy the beauty of the winter nature. When on Olkhon, we surely visit the most significant rock “Shaman”, one of nine shrines of Asia, the sacred place of Olkhon Buryats.

Accomodation: typical Russian wooden houses in the Khuzhir-Uzura settlement.

Day 5

Olkhon Island. Departure to the legendary Khoboy cape – the most northern point of Olkhon island. The name comes from an old Buryat word meaning “fang” because of its shape, a vertically oriented marble rock, appearing much like a fang. On our way we will also visit Three Brothers Rock, or Sagaan-Khushun Cape, one of Baikal’s natural monuments and another popular tourist sightseeing spot. It is easily recognised as three big rocks standing in a row overlooking Lake Baikal. Lunch in the open air. Free time, walks, talks, and photoshoots.

Accomodation: typical Russian wooden houses in the Khuzhir-Uzura settlement.

Day 6

We drive and walk on ice back to Ust-Barguzin and to Svyatoy Nos Peninsula. We visit Barguzin Nature Reserve and Ushkan Islands – the beauty and force of these places really bewitch!

Accomodation: guest house.

Day 7

Departure to the Barguzin valley. Visit to the Barkhan area, where according to the legend, Genghis Khan’s mother was born. Visit of the area Saint Yanzhima's Face https://www.rt.com/news/fertility-goddess-buryatia-baikal/. Yanzhima is the dancing goddess in Buddhism, the patroness of fertility, child-bearing and vital forces.

Accomodation: guest house, banya.

Day 8

Return to Ulan-Ude. The road goes along the shore of Baikal. Travel time is about 7 hours. We stop, admire the nature, take pictures, make wishes, meditate.

Accomodation in Ulan-Ude: guest house.

Day 9

Transfer to the airport or to the train station, return home.

 Price: $1100 is valid for the group of no less than 5 people.

The price includes:

·                 English speaking guide

·                 transfer from\to the airport (train station in Ulan-Ude)

·                 Transportation during the tour (mini-bus and UAZ for ice journey)

·                 Three meals a day

·                 Entrance to all places of interest listed in the program

·                 Accommodation – guest houses with amenities (hot water + toilet) in double-triple rooms.

·                 Banya 2 times.

Price doesn’t include:

·                 Tickets to Ulan-Ude and back

·                 Single room accommodation

·                 Health insurance

·                 Personal expenses (souvenirs, additional program, etc.)

Equipment recommendations:

The tour on ice of Baikal is a winter journey. In the afternoon the average temperature is -5C, while at night it can be -20C. It is necessary to have multilayered clothes for long winter walks: it won't allow you to freeze. It is better to have wind-proof clothes, but which can be well ventilated during walks under the sun in the afternoon. Warm jacket, trousers, boots, hat, gloves and layered clothing. Sunglasses, hygienic lipstick for winter, sun-protection and fat wind-protection creams.

It is obligatory to have crampons for walking on ice (i.e. not for climbing, namely for walking on a slippery surface). They can be bought in shop of working clothes or in sports shop.

Full list of obligatory equipment:

1. warm outerwear: ski outfits or similar, hooded down jacket (or similar), warm wind-proof trousers;

2. warm winter footwear, comfortable, non-slip with thick sole;

3. layered clothing (top and bottom), warm underwear;

4. fleece jacket, sweater, polo-neck, other warm clothes;

5. hat/cap – warm and wind-proof, scarf or helmet;

6. light fleece wind-proof gloves and warm gloves or mittens (at least 2);

7. warm socks, cotton, woolen, thermosocks (2-3 pieces of each)

8. second pair of shoes

9. sunglasses

10. sun-protection cream

11. wind-protection cream

12. crampons for walking on ice (not for climbing)

13. anti-snow gaiters

14. thermomug, thermobowl, penknife, fork, spoon

15. thermos 1 L.

16. forehead flashlight

17. personal first-aid kit

18. personal hygiene means

19. a backpack or a bag for belongings

20. a small backpack for daily needs

21. camera

If you go with children, it is strongly recommended to take two sets of outerwear (or at least second warm trousers) and two pairs of footwear for them.

If you have any additional questions about equipment or any other issues, please, ask tour guide not less, than in a week prior to the tour.


Phone: +7 (9025) 65-35-91 – Vyacheslav Kiplyuks (Ulan-Ude)

e-mail: kiplyuks (at) gmail.com

Facebook: Vyacheslav Kiplyuks

VKontakte: Vyacheslav Kiplyuks

Instagram: vkiplyuks

© Vyacheslav Kiplyuks, 2004 – 2017. “Spirit Nomads” – exclusive tourism to Buryatia, Mongolia, India, Tibet.

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